Why You Would Want To Clone WordPress For Time Efficiency

I know that you know exactly how this feels. You have a huge amount on your plate, you have all of these wonderful ideas that you want to develop into websites, but you just don’t have the time to get them all up and running. If there is one important thing that I can share with you right now, it would be something that my father taught me. If there is an easier way to get the job done, chances are it is not worth the trouble of cutting corners. That said, if there is a way to get it done in less time at just as high a quality, it is very well worth your consideration

I remember the first time that I was introduced to the concept of wordpress cloning. It was an exciting prospect as it allowed me to save a few minutes doing an otherwise lengthy job. I was able to keep a perfect installation for whichever occasion I needed, thus I was able to be up and running in half the time. The problem was that it was still way too much time, and here’s why I wanted to save more time.

Cloning WordPress Saves Time

Installing WordPress takes time. Not just installing it, but everything else that comes with it. Plugins, themes, config, and that is just touching the surface. if there was a way that you were able to speed up the process, it would be much better use of time, right?

So, what if you could create a perfect clone wordpress installation, and have it at your disposal whenever you wanted to set up a new blog or website? This is hands down one of my biggest time savers.

But How Do I Create And Install A Clone?

There are two ways that this can be done. The first is manual, which involves a complete backup of the files within your domain, and a backup of the SQL database. These files and database are then transferred to the new host, which can be a daunting task for those who are not skilled up in how to use SQL databases and certain coding abilities.

The other method involves using purchasable software that can be run on your hosting account that enables you to create a clone wordpress file that can be uploaded to a new domain or host and deployed within minutes. This is the method that I use and recommend.

The choice is yours however, some people prefer to do the hard yards, however from my experience, my turning point was truly when I found software that would do this for me. If you can save up to an hour per installation, then that is time better spend on other more important tasks.