Landing Pages

The role of landing pages within your Internet business


woman happy with landing pages successWhen we are talking about sales and conversions in finding ways to freeze them, we must bring landing pages into the conversation. Landing pages have played a very important role in online businesses for a long time. So let’s defined what a landing page is. Landing page is a webpage on your site that has a very specific goal. Typically a landing page has a headline, a sub headline, a short paragraph of text, several bullet points, optionally a video or audio, and a call to action. This call to action could be an opt in to your mailing list, the lead-in to a sales page, a download of a free report, or even a call to purchase something. Whichever call to action you decide to use on a landing page it should be very specific and very focused. Additionally the landing page should have no distractions to other content or pages on your website that are easily clickable. The goal is to get them to take an action or leave the site.

The great thing about landing pages is they will quickly tell you what is working and what is not. Often when Internet marketers utilize landing pages, they will often do what is called split testing in which they change one variable on that page such as the headline, determine which variable gets the better response. The other great thing about landing pages is they are easy to build.

Landing Pages Can Be Utilized For Many Aspects

Landing pages can be utilized in all sorts of different marketing campaigns. Most commonly they are used in conjunction with paid advertising such as Google ad words. By having two different variables and landing pages competing against each other, this will allow you to quickly find out what is working and what is not, what makes people click and what does not.

Landing pages can also play an important role in market research. In the market research phase we talked about finding keywords utilizing various tools such as market samurai, the free Google keyword tool, and other tools that we could use the help find out how people search. However, the best thing that you could possibly get for market research is to run a Google ad words campaign and discover exactly what people type then the find that landing page. More often than not you’ll be surprised what you find out from running the campaign. There are various ways to do this utilizing Google ad words and more of this will be discussed inside the Internet business training program with specific examples on how to utilize landing pages.

Landing Pages are great for testing headlines

Another good use of landing pages is to test various headlines to see which headline draws the most clicks. By doing this you will be able to begin to craft a sales letter for your product based upon the popular headlines that are click. Overall landing pages are a scientific approach to determining what works and what doesn’t. Remember the overall is the have some sort of call for action that is very specific and only gives people one option. They either need to take action on that call to action or leave the page. Over time things of gotten much more complicated when utilizing landing pages conjunction with Google ad words. Now, I am not an expert on Google ad words, but I have had some experience and also know who to go to get help if I am to run a Google ad words campaign. One of the major damages of joining the Internet business training program is that you will have access to the resources that I utilize and I will be talking about those resources inside the members area.

In summary, landing pages play a vital role in your marketing campaigns. It is going to help you increase your sales and conversions dramatically and also help you design a better sales page for your products and services. Landing pages additionally help take the guesswork out of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Any time you can remove or discover a variable that is going to work in your business that is proven to work, it gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors. Landing pages can be used in all four pillars of Internet marketing.