The Best Landing Pages

How To Develop The Best Landing Pages for PPC Advertising

The best landing pages for Google AdwordsOne of the hardest lessons for the novice PPC marketer to learn is the value of optimizing and creating the best landing pages. Contrary to the popular belief, optimizing your PPC landing page is not at all difficult if you follow a few simple steps. In fact, once you do it successfully for one campaign, it becomes a lot more easier for your other upcoming campaigns, giving you a better return on your investment each time. Below you will find several tips for creating the best landing pages.

Tip 1
The design of your landing page may make a difference, but we do not suggest you take chances with cheap looking designs. All of your individual campaigns must have a landing page specifically for it. The reason why somebody clicks through your ad and comes to your landing page is because they are looking for a particular offer. There is really never any good justification for using a landing page design that is not right for your market.

Key Tips for Developing the best landing pages

The whole point about your landing page is that it needs to be tightly focused on one thing.

Most people appreciate a good user experience, and so your landing page needs to look the part. You should check to make sure that anything you do looks good in all resolutions for monitors. Also, ensure that your page is compatible with all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You could easily suffer low conversions because people will think something is wrong with you. Be sure to keep these points in mind as they can adversely affect your results. One element that needs to stand out loud and clear is your call to action.

There should never be any guessing game going on in the mind of your readers. Every important element of your page should be above the fold.

Offering Free Giveaways is a way to create the best landing pages for PPC

You can really see a huge difference with your subscriber rate if your free giveaway is excellent. Generating leads through PPC becomes a lot more easier when you give your visitors a reason to opt-in. Most great marketers would agree that this is key to creating the best landing pages.

If you use PLR material, then change it up and put new graphics on it so it looks totally different. The more you can help your self to be seen and unique, the better chance you have to convert. Your offer to optin must be as good as you can make it, and that can carry you a long way. This article only touched on a few items, and there is a lot more involved with optimization of your landing pages. For more information about creating the best landing pages and how to better optimize your ppc marketing campaigns, check out our other articles on PPC