Squidoo Marketing Tips

Want Targeted Traffic for Your Squidoo Lens – Follow these Squidoo Marketing Tips

squidoo marketing tipsAre you looking for squidoo marketing tips? Many internet marketers are turning to Squidoo as the platform of choice to increase their exposure and promote their products. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits Squidoo provides, you need to learn how to get visitors to your lens on a regular basis. Given below are 3 unique tips that will help you market your lens and slowly expand your promotion.

With a Squidoo lens, you have an easy tool to help you become established as an authority within your niche. If this is your goal, it isn’t enough to provider information that is simply written well; it also must be well researched. If you want to convince your visitors about buying products from you, you’ll have to first convince them that you are an authority in that particular niche. That is squidoo marketing tips 1.

Squidoo Marketing Tips 2

If visitors don’t feel as though you’re providing valuable information they’ll simply move on and find someone who is. Your job is to give top notch content to your readers and show that you are indeed an expert. This would make it easy for them to take your word when you recommend a product through your lens. Squidoo gives you the perfect opportunity to show your audience your expertise.

Make sure the primary keyword you’re promoting is in the title. Your lens will not rank well in the search engines for that keyword phrase if you forget to do this. Let’s say you want surfers to be able to find the lens you’ve made on “dog training tips,” that exact phrase must be in the title for that to happen. Search engines weigh titles heavily in their assessments of what the lens is actually about. It’s also a simple method to get the attention of search engines to rank well in your target niche.

Squidoo Marketing Tips Join Groups at Squidoo

Join groups at Squidoo that are relevant to your niche. This will help you get friendly with other lens masters which will enable you to grow together. Do this so you can increase the odds of your lens being recognized by others who are in your target audience or a very similar audience. As you establish yourself with other lens masters the side effect is that your lens will grow in traffic and recommendations.

This article shows exactly what needs to be done to promote your Squidoo lens properly and how to ensure that your target audience sees it. Despite the fact that it might take a while for results to appear if your lens is brand new, you need to remember that being consistent is critical. You will maximize the results of your lens in the long run if you follow these squidoo marketing tips frequently.