Site Building

Site Building.

Upon finishing your market research, It is time to begin to assemble your website.

There are several components to consider when building your website. First and formost is the content structure of the website. Most sites today also have a blog attached to their site and you can read more about that on the Blog section of the 4 pillars.

Content is what drives the web and not just any content. You must have a website building content strategy for the initial launch of your website. Make sure you fully look through the SEO and LSI section before attempting to build your website. Typically you want to start off with at least 25 pieces of content on your website before launching. This content needs to be highly organized and structured correctly using latent semantic indexing design.

Other areas to consider is graphics, layout, navigation and areas you may decide to use for monetizing the website or utilizing for lead generation. You must have a clear idea of what your intentions are and what you are trying to accomplish with your site. Are you looking to sell products? Are you looking for lead generation? Are you looking to redirect people to an affiliate offer or offers? All of this must be thought out before constructing the website.

The content that is developed for your initial site building needs to be highly structured and based upon your keyword research that you did in the first pillar. This initial content should also be linked together in a very specific way to help improve your SEO score and rankings. There are very specific ways to do this and it is very difficult to come back and try to do it after you have constructed your site. It is advisable to have an SEO Consultant look over your site structure and keyword development before you venture into writing your content.

The writing of the content is one of the most time consuming aspects in the site building process. This content must be original and highly orgainzed based on the keyword and market research. It must contain a good blend of correct keyword placement and also expert verbiage which is words and phrases that may not be highly searched, but are very important to specific industry you are building your site in.

There are highly specific tools that can be used to help you assemble your content. More of that is discussed inside the members area of the Internet Business Training Program and within the Internet Business Training Manual that all members are given.


Site Building