Realistic Guidelines On The Real Definition Of Virtual Assistance Business

Today I’m going to talk to you and give you my own perspective on what I think is a Virtual Assistant. There are a large number of different opinions out there as to exactly what a Virtual Assistant is, so I wanted to tell you mine.

Right now, I am accessing my website. It’s or On the front page I have something that says “A virtual assistant or VA works at your fingertips independently by via internet, utilising the latest technologies to provide immediate professional support, services and skills to busy entrepreneurs and business people. Partnering with the VA can reduce stress, protect cash flow, eliminate administrative hassles and enable business people to find the success they want to achieve.”

That’s a very businesslike way of describing a virtual assistant business. Here is what I really think virtual assistants are from my own personal point of view. A Virtual Assistant is anybody who provides assistance online. I think that there are a lot of people out there who are virtual assistants and don’t realise that they’re virtual assistants yet. For example, if you’re a freelance journalist, travel writer or something like that and you write for various numbers of magazines. You are assisting those magazines with their content so you technically could be a virtual assistant. To be pedantic, I am not actually saying that you are a virtual assistant as such, but you do offer a type of virtual assistance. You might be writing on a freelance basis. You could be a social media marketing assistant. If a fundamental part of your operation is to provide your services online via the Internet, then I think that you are effectively providing virtual assistance.

Not everybody agrees with me but that’s what I think, certainly for someone looking to come into my Virtual Assistant Program, which I’m going to be doing for the VA Apprentice. I’m not restricting it to somebody who has a basic administration background, or somebody who was a secretary, but casting the net wider. Your background, in this case, is irrelevant. What we really need to focus on is what you actually do, what your aspirations are and what skills you have, together with the right amount of passion for these important things that feature in your life and how you can convert them into an online business, effectively. So, this is what my aim as a virtual assistant is to do, is to take the skills that you have, to take your experience, to take your current business if you have one, and basically turn that into a virtual business and then take it online.

You see, whichever way you look at it, whenever you provide something for another person you are providing assistance. Call it what you want, maybe a partnership. You can call it a colleague. Your interpretation is fine. But if you are providing something for somebody else, then you are assisting. If you’re doing it online, it’s virtual, virtual assistance. That is my interpretation anyway, especially as I look at my business which is made up of many disparate things. I do administration, all the general secretarial tasks that you find that traditional virtual assistants do but I also do web design and development, content management systems, word press, social media marketing, writing, you name it it’s on there. I focus my niche on anything to do with building and developing an online business and you need all these things. All of these areas and functions need to be mastered by you, if you are going to have a very successful and workable online business.

That’s my perspective, anyway, although you may well be different, of course. You may just consider yourself a bookkeeper. This is OK, but you can also be a virtual assistant if you decide to take your bookkeeping operations online. I can show you how, really.

So, that’s basically what I think virtual assistance is and even if I was to get rid of a lot of my services and I was to say, “Right, you know, I’m going to scrap the admin. I’m going to scrap the social media marketing, etc. etc. and I’m just going to focus on web development.” If I’m still doing this online and assisting other people with their sites, guess what — I’m still a Virtual Assistant. Notice that I haven’t changed my name as such, even though I’m just focusing on one area.

Anyway, that is what I think a Virtual Assistant is. Anybody who is involved in giving assistance to somebody else online from a different location.

So, thank you very much for listening to that. I would really really like to hear your opinion on what you think a Virtual Assistant is. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinion. That’s fantastic. That’s what makes the world so colorful.