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Steps On How To Rank Higher on Google With Squidoo Lens

rank higher on Google using squidooIf you want to rank higher on Google with your Squidoo lens, then knowing the steps to optimizing a regular site will surely help you. But you should understand that this does not mean you can easily rank any highly competitive phrase just because you have Squidoo behind you. What we have in mind is to walk you through several steps that are required if you want to rank higher on Google with your lens.

Step 1 Bookmark Your Squidoo Lens To Rank Higher on Google

As you know, social bookmarking sites can still be effective as they can play a part with getting your lens ranked. This is no different than working to get this type of traffic to any other type of site, and you need to be careful about how you go about doing it. All the major sites are pretty smart about detecting certain things, so be forewarned about the dangers of trying to be underhanded. Always use the major sites for this because the traffic is there, and you will find that the results are best. These are not the panacea they used to be, but a the more you publish on your lens the more backlinks you can get from them.

Step 2 Utilize Links From Other Squidoo Lens To Rank Higher on Google

Apart from this, link to other Squidoo lenses too – but why would you do that? Linking to other Squidoo lenses? What is the purpose of that for you? Remember that Squidoo is a different place, and this is like being willing to give goodwill, and it will just help you to get recognized.

You are telling Squidoo that you are not a spammer and that you are for real with them.

Step 3 Keep Your Content Quality High

Even though this doesn’t directly help you climb up the search engine ladder, it does help you get some credibility. But of course your content and the quality of it will play a huge role, too. Google’s algorithm looks at the length of time people spend on your site, or lens, and that is something you need to do. You know you need targeted traffic to your Squidoo lens, and that is why you should take everything into account.

Step 4 Stay on Top of Google Alogorithm Changes To Rank Higher on Google

The search engine algorithm has changed over time, and today it’s more focused on synonyms than anything else in order to serve relevant results. When you look back, if you were around, it was extremely easy to game the SEO field but not so much anymore. Optimizing your site is still not hard to do, and in some ways things have not changed so much. Increasingly sophisticated and smart are what algorithms are all about, and they have a vested interest in doing so. Content that is well-researched and written, for the end-user, is what this is all about. Never to extremes with SEO and especially optimizing your content. The above article clearly shows that getting your lens to rank higher on Google is just a matter of knowing how to handle various elements and bring them together.