A Must Have Advanced Keyword Research Tool Called KRA Pro

The 4th Major Market Research piece of the 4 pillars is KRA Pro. KRA Pro is actually used in multiple areas within the 4 pillars and will be discussed about how to use it in other areas within your internet marketing efforts. Inside the members area of the Internet Business Training Program I go into much more detail about how to use this incredible tool in your business.

In the video below I am going to show you 1 way in which I do keyword research using this tool which in turn helps me develop highly optimized content that google will rank and love.




KRA Pro Important For Theming Your Website

KRA Pro for doing market research is very effective. When you get into the site development stage of the 4 pillars of internet marketing, you will find that doing what is called theming is very important. Do do theming correctly you will need to understand latent semantic indexing and how to develop content based on a certain structure. You will discover this within the market research stage and using KRA Pro is a key ingredient to your success in developing the correct site blueprint.

You can see from the video above that one of the aspects that KRA Pro performs within the market research stage, is the ability to reverse engineer the top 10 websites based on a specific keyword. Today, more than ever, Google wants you to right excellent content for your website and will reward you for building a site correctly and putting up original content that is also semantically correct. The beauty of KRA Pro is the ability to take the top 10 pages and pull out all the important words and give you a count of how many times those words are used. This will assist you in helping you not only structure you content correctly but help you in discovering more phrases that are important in your market.

Keyword Research Tool KRA Pro

KRA Pro Critical Tool For The First Pillar of Internet Marketing

When you combine the other tools I have covered in the market research section and utilize KRA Pro, you will be will on your way to mastering the first pillar of Internet Marketing.