Looking For Methods To Get Great Free Testimonials ?

Learn What It Takes to Get Your Customers to Give You Free Testimonials


Getting Free TestimonialsIf you have been in IM even for a little while, you hopefully know the value of good free testimonials. People want to believe a product will work for them before they invest their hard earned money into it, which is why testimonials work so well in reassuring them. It is not legal to ask for a testimonial, so very often a vendor has to just wait for somebody to send one in. Let’s delve a little bit more into this, and then we will see what some possibilities are.

Using Case Studies for Free Testimonials

All you will be needing to do, with this method, is perform a few excellent and valuable case studies with a couple customers. A case study is a thorough analysis of how your customers utilized your product and how it helped them; it’s a lot more detailed than a typical testimonial. By doing this process, what you will be generating are fabulous testimonials. There are many ways of looking at this process; feedback and accurate analysis designed to help your customers. Leveling the playing field is what this is all about, and your results may be dramatic. If you have happy customers, then there is no reason why your own studies should not be effective.

The one thing that may be helpful to you is remembering there is no such thing as a perfect product. Every product has its own shortcomings and needs constant improvement to keep up with the moving times. If someone offers you a testimonials that has something negative in it, then be brave and post it because it is real. So there is no reason to ever keep those out of your site and not used. Your whole objective here is to convince your prospects that the free testimonials provided are indeed genuine and perfectly explain what the product is all about, without holding anything back. Your visitors will see that you are willing to show that to them, and it will maybe give them more confidence.

Make Your Free Testimonials Easy To Find on Your Site

One mistake that many Internet marketers make is they hide away the testimonials they receive in the far corners of their site. If people cannot find your testimonials very easily, then chances are great they will not see them. If you have a lot of testimonials, you can sprinkle them here and there in appropriate places. You can place them according to where you think they will make the biggest impact. You can put them on your main page or any other page where you feel they will be effective.

By seeking out testimonials, and getting them up on your site, you will see an increase in conversions of your products and services. The bottom line is your free testimonials must be real, true and accurate for many reasons.