Internet Marketing Business Training What Does That Mean

First you need to really understand what makes up internet marketing before you can decide on what kind of training you need.

There are many components to internet marketing and it is important to discover the best place to start.

So I am going to cover just a brief overview of what I believe is the best way to understand and learn internet marketing.

You may have noticed at the top of the site of the Internet Business Training Program, something I have coined as the 4 Pillars of Internet marketing.

Even before that, there are some basics you must master before embarking on the 4 pillars.

So lets go ahead and talk about the basics.

Here is a list of things you should understand even before beginning to build a site and market online.

  1. What is FTP
  2. What kind of hosting should I go with?
  3. And Why?
  4. How do you buy a domain?a
  5. What are nameservers
  6. What is blogging
  7. What is wordpress
  8. How do you manage your own hosting
  9. What is cPanel and why is that a great option
  10. Why having your own domain is critical
  11. What is a hyperlink
  12. What is Alt Text?
  13. What is a title tag
  14. What is meta tags
  15. What is SEO
  16. What is PPC

This is just a small list of things you should have a clear understanding of before diving into the 4 pillars. There is more, and I will add more to this list as I go along. What I am going to do for you is to add videos that will answer the above and allow you to learn the basics before diving in deep. This is going to lay a good foundation for you and I recommend you focus on learning these and be able to answer all the above questions before you begin to do your market research and the first pillar of internet marketing.

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