How To Keep Your Search Engine Rankings

Effective Maintenance of Your Websites Search Engine Rankings.

You and every other IMer want to get to the front page of Google for your chosen keywords so that you can get as much targeted traffic as possible and to do that you need to make sure you incorporate some of the things we’ll talk about below to keep your search engine rankings.How to keep search engine rankings and be number 1 on Google

The Number 1 Thing to Do to Keep Your Search Engine Rankings

Put up New Content and Pages: The websites that are updated regularly are favored heavily by Google because it sees a stagnant or static site as something that doesn’t offer any real value. When you want your website to keep ranking nicely for your chosen keywords, you should make sure that you are regularly adding content and new pages to your website. If your content starts getting old, it may lose relevance and not be as useful as it used to be. When you keep your site updated with new content you will seem more credible, make your site more valuable to your readers and give the search engine spiders more to crawl through. The search engines are acutely aware of how much content is on your site and they favor sites that are continuously updated. You also need to keep adding internal links to your site along with that content because a strong structure of internal links is just one thing that will help you keep your rank steady.

Keywords Should Be Used as Needed: When your site doesn’t have properly placed keywords, your rank could be affected. Some of the most important places to insert a keyword (among others) are in images, in titles and in headlines. Lots of webmasters and IMers try to ignore this even though they know how important it is. By having your keywords inserted in the right places, you will have a better edge over your competition and it will become easier for you to maintain your rank. Even if your website is ranking well without the keywords being inserted, just on the basis of backlinks, you should consider putting in the keywords at the appropriate places because your ranking may fall without doing it.

Persistant and Consistant Wins with Search Engine Rankings

Keep at It: While your other skills might not be so well developed, the one that will never fail you is persistence. Every person who has found success through SEO knows that persistence is a good thing and that if you don’t practice it you probably won’t get to where you want to go. Not seeing results even after doing your best is common when working with SEO, but that just means you need to keep working and waiting. Practicing persistence will help you achieve a great rank for your chosen keywords and keep that rank for as long as you want. You will have an advantage here because most IMers don’t know how to persevere in hard times. Just pay attention to what you want and don’t give in to the temptation to quit.

In conclusion, maintaining your website’s rank once you achieve it is not rocket science; you just need to be active and well aware of the changes by monitoring your site consistently, because losing your search engine rankings after getting it is something nobody wants.