Google Serps and How To Rank On Top

Getting Your Site to Rank at the Top of the Google SERPs

 It is crucial to get your site at the top of the Google SERPS because Google leads the search engine market and is so powerful that they could be considered a monopoly. This is why it is vital that you get your site to the top of the Google SERPs because that is where you will be able to enjoy the true benefits of organic traffic.Since Google wants to provide the best results, you need to remember that they are quite exacting in keeping track of everything that is happening. So, you need to make a good impression both on the search engine as well as your visitors. If your website doesn’t provide your users with a satisfactory experience, they will simply look for other sites that will. So if the user response isn’t good, and your visitors aren’t getting value from your website then obviously something’s wrong, and needs to be fixed. You stand a good chance of dropping in the Google SERPs if Google notices this happening often. Therefore, you have to make sure you populate your site with content that is designed for your audience. Google’s users are at the heart of their business and if you truly want to be noticed then impress your audience.

Age of Domain Important to Google SerpsTop Of Google Serps

When trying to rank a site in Google, having an older domain is important. Older sites are seen as being more trustworthy and to have better content which is why domain age is factored in by Google when determining rank. You will find it easier to rank a site if the domain is older and is already considered reputable by Google. It’s certainly not the only thing you want to focus on but it will help matters along.The “Title” tag of your site has an importance and you shouldn’t ignore it. Your primary keyword needs to be present in your Title; that’s how Google comes to know what to rank you for. On the other hand, don’t get excited and put too many keywords in your Title tag. Putting more than two keywords in your Title is asking for trouble. Making your two keywords appear as one is an excellent way of doing this.  

Reaching Page of of Google Serps

Any website can reach page one in Google as long as it works with the search engine giant and is persistent in taking action towards meeting these goals. Not realizing they are doing something wrong, many webmasters try for years to get to the top of the SERPs. So in order to achieve your ranking goals on the world’s biggest search engine, you have to be aware and on alert. You’ll succeed at reaching the top of the Google Serps by applying a few simple techniques, meaning that you don’t need to be a search engine genius to make it to the top.