Build Your Keyword List With Free Google Keyword Tool

Welcome to the overview of the Free Google keyword tool.

If you are not aware Google is the largest search engine in the world and also has its Free Google Keyword tool as oneĀ  of my favorite internet marketing tools. One of the primary objectives of a search engine is to display and match results based on a search query. Since Google is the largest and probably the best search engine available, this also leads to be interpretation that they house a lot of data.

Google has become very good at showing results based upon what you are searching for. Keeping this in mind, it is my belief that the data they have is probably the very best data available.

free google keyword tool exampmleThere are tons of Google tools, but one of my favorites is the free Google keyword tool. Although this year has been a changing year for this tool, as of December 2010, the latest change is just fantastic.

Doing Market Research With The Free Google Keyword Tool

Doing great market research is absolutely critical to the success of your business online. You must understand how people search and what those searches mean. All of your content development for the web needs to be based upon sound data through excellent market research. It only makes sense to develop content, that one, people are searching for, and that we have a half decent shot for getting ranked for on the search engines.

Quite frankly it is apparent that many people still struggle with market research and how to analyze their data. I have worked with clients on both sides of the spectrum of understanding data through market research.

On one side, we have people who fully understand what they want to market and have developed a great product, but they have no idea if people are actually searching or what they are searching for in which the find their website. More often than not, this group, tends to pick keywords that either are not searched or there is not enough search for them. When you build a website, you need to ensure that there is enough traffic that is going to sustain your business and allow your website to grow over time. This first group tends the box themselves in and builds the site around a group of keywords where there is not enough search.

On the other side of the market research equation, we have a group of people who understand and can find what people are searching but have no idea how to go about organizing that data that will give them a solid game plan to drive that traffic to their website. Many times this group, goes after keywords that are much too difficult, and then they get frustrated cause their sites aren’t getting traffic and rankings.


Free Google Keyword Tool Gives Great data

The free Google keyword tool is going to give you fantastic data to allow you to make sound business decisions. The video below is a quick demonstration of the free keyword tool and how to use it. If you plan on doing market research you will want to make use of the free Google keyword tool.