Do Follow Blog Commenting

How You Can Get as Much as Possible from Your Do Follow Blog Commenting

do follow blog commenting tips and tacticsHere you will find effective ways to do Do Follow Blog Commenting. If you want your keywords to rank as highly as possible, you have to learn how to effectively play the search engine optimization game. A large part of this process is getting enough good backlinks for your site, something many marketers struggle with. Do Follow Blog commenting is therefore a great way to get relevant backlinks to your blog/site because every blog out there has the option for you to leave your link, so why not leverage this to the fullest extent? What you really want to find, however, are do-follow blogs, so that the search engines will take note of your links. It’s also important to write comments that are approved by the blog’s owner or moderator.

Search for WP Plugins That Encourage Do Follow Blog Commenting

Look for Blogs that Have WP Plugins that are Comment Centric: You only want to comment on blogs that are really worth your time. Sifting through a number of blogs, you should only pick the ones that you feel are worth it.

When you look at a blog, check for phrases such as “comment luv,” “top commenters” or “keyword luv,” as these are comment-centric WP plugins. When you see these plugins, you have a much better chance of getting your comments approved, as the blogs are open to comments.

Only Link to Short URLs: Linking to a long URL when you do do follow blog commenting is something you should avoid. Links of this kind have the appearance of spam, or possibly something even worse, like a virus. If you make it obvious what each link is about, and keep the URLs short, your comments will be better received. If you want to make your URL as SEO friendly as possible, and also make the blog owner more likely to approve it, you should use your main keywords in your link.

Only one Do Follow Blog Commenting Per Day

One Blog, One Comment Per Day: When it comes to do follow blog commenting¬† on one blog in particular, don’t post more than once per day. If you want blog owners to approve your comments regularly, you should space them out and not send too many at once.

You definitely don’t want to be labeled a spammer, yet this can happen if you submit a large number of comments to the same blog too quickly. A good approach with commenting is to choose a topic you know is popular and comment on it before anyone else does. Remembering this point will allow you to get a higher percentage of your comments accepted.

In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly come to understand what it takes to have your comment approved on every do-follow blog that you target. Blog commenting, if you know how to do it right, is a practice that can be a valuable addition to your overall link building campaign. Getting relevant links from do follow blogs is something you can start doing today, so you can quickly start gaining the benefits of this proven tactic. Utilize these do follow blog commenting tips to draw targeted traffic to your site.