Content Distribution

So what is content distribution and why do we utilize it.


In the traffic generation stage, content distribution plays a vital role driving traffic to your website. In today’s fast changing Internet marketing landscape, the Internet has become much more than just about your website. After your website has been built and all the content has been put up on your website in accordance to what was discussed in the site building stage, you will then need to continue to develop content and distribute it across the web.

There are many places where you can distribute your content. One of the places you want to establish a regular routine of distributing content is on e-zine articles. E-zine articles is the number one article directory on the Internet. It’s a human edited directory in which your content is actually viewed and reviewed by a human. This website holds great favor in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google. One of the major benefits of having your content distributed onto e-zine articles is that they allow you to create a resource box at the end of your article. In this resource box you are allowed to have two links that may point back to your website or another Internet property that you are utilizing. Within the market research stage, you should have identified, based upon the techniques I explained, several, if not hundreds of keywords that are being searched in your marketplace. Now within this resource box, you can also use HTML and have the link that is created utilize a keyword that you are trying to quickly for. Because e-zine articles is so popular and in great favor with Google, often the articl and quite high in the search engines. This will create some traffic trust from the article ranking in Google. When people read the article, if they like what you have to say, often they will click the link back to your website, boss delivering a new visitor to your website.

Additionally, this also creates a back link to your website utilizing anchor text that you created in the resource box. You’ll find much more about back linking on various areas of this website. Back linking is a critical strategy that you will utilize in the content distribution stage. Ultimately, back links are a powerful measure of how difficult it is going to be to rank for a particular keyword. Many people get frustrated because they choose the wrong keywords to try to rank for when they are much too difficult, especially from the initial spark of building your website. It is wise to develop content and distribute it based on what is called longtail phrases. The Internet has changed a great deal, and people typically are searching utilizing multiple words sometimes up to eight or nine at a time. More often than not, you’ll find ranking for these longtail phrases much easier than trying to rank for a two or three popular keyword phrase in your market.

E-zine articles is just one of many places you can use for content distribution.

When generating content for the web, you will want to get that content onto many web properties across the web. There are many places like squid do, hub pages, WordPress, and many other web 2.0 properties that are highly favored by the search engines and also have many people on them. The goal of content distribution is twofold. One of the goals is to, obviously, get people to read and then click back to your website. The second goal of content distribution is to build back links to your website. It is vital that you have a specific strategy based upon the market research data that you did in the first pillar of Internet marketing success, to develop content that is going to be found and read within your market.

There are many many article directories in which you can post your content to four back linking and traffic. There are also many web 2.0 properties that you can also utilize for traffic and backed links. Additionally there are many high ranking video properties that you can develop video and distribute your content that way as well. Content distribution can also take the form of podcasts, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations. Several years ago I learned an important about the content you develop. Developing content can be very time-consuming, but it is vital to the ongoing success of your website. It is important that you get the best mileage out of your content that you can. The technique in which you do this is called repurpose thing your content. Instead of creating just one piece of content and distributing it to e-zine articles., You can also take that same piece of content and make an audio out of it, or a video, or a PDF and market that content on multiple platforms as well.

Recap of Content Distribution

So to recap content distribution, always remember that there is two goals to distributing your content across the web. One is to get your content read and have people click back to your website into to be continuously developing back links based upon specific keywords to increase your overall ranking of your website. If you only develop content for your website, you’re going to be sorely disappointed in the results that you get when we are talking about traffic generation. So work on developing a content distribution strategy that is ongoing and focused based upon your market research data.