All About Backlinking

The importance of backlinking

how to build back links and backlinkingDeveloping back links is one of the most critical factors in ranking in the search engines. No matter how hard webmasters tried to figure out how Google ranks websites, we will never know the exact method in which Google determines how to place webpages on the search engines. That being said, there are some things we can figure out about how webpages are ranked and what we can do to improve our search engine rankings. Within the four pillars of Internet marketing, I have discussed many aspects on how to do market research, develop your site and content, and how to generate traffic to your website. Gaining traction in the search engines for the long-term, you must have a consistent 10 page on this website, I discussed that one of the key reasons for distributing content is for building back links. First, let’s define what a back link is.

In technical terms, a back link is a hyperlink that is on another location outside your website, that leads people to your website from another web location. This hyperlink is typically an anchor text link. So what is an anchor text link? An a for text link is typically a keyword in which you were trying to rank for that is a URL or web address that connects back to someplace on your website. You can see example of anchor text on this page with the word content distribution above. The word content distribution above is hyperlinked to another page on my website that talks about content distribution. The phrase that is link is content distribution. However, the link is actually a website address to the exact page I would like to take you to that talks about content distribution. This is known as anchor text. You can use anchor text on your website connecting to another page on your website. This is called internal linking and it plays an important role in helping people navigate your website as well as helping Google find your other content on your website. In the discussion of LSI and SCO principles, I talk about internal linking and how to do it properly.

Backlinking is a main goal for your business you must implementbacklinks are your end goal

Back linking however, is anchor text that is on other websites such as e-zine articles in which you have a keyword that you would like to rank on the first page of Google for, and you develop a link back to your website from their website. Over the past 10 years, it has been proven, that Google does way back linking into their equation for determining how your page rank on the Internet. In the market research discovery phase, it is vital you to understand how difficult it will be for you to rank for a particular keyword. Many people get frustrated when their websites don’t rank quickly, or specific webpages are not ranking on the Google search engines. This could be because the keyword you have chosen already has a tong of competition for that keyword phrase. A good example of this is the word Internet marketing. There are probably close to 1 billion websites that have raised Internet marketing on them. The competition for the phrase Internet marketing is very very difficult. To be on the first page of Google for the phrase would take most likely years back linking using the phrase Internet marketing on other web properties to be able to compete with the pages that are already there. However, it’s important to note, that the phrase Internet marketing is a fairly generic phrase that means many different things. Just because there’s lots of traffic around a particular phrase does not mean it is the most important phrase for you to rank for. The goal of most websites is the drive traffic to your website in the hopes of developing a leadership that will continue to come back and trust the information they find on your website. When trust is established with your visitors, the end result will most likely be that they will purchase goods and/or services from you. Keep this in mind when you are doing your market research.

When doing your market research and looking for phrases in which you wish to rank for on the search engines, it is important to always look at the competing webpages that are already there. One of the tools I mentioned in the market research section is a tool called keyword research analysis Pro. Keyword research analysis Pro is a tool that helps you in many areas of developing a web business. One of the things that keyword research analysis Pro does is that it looks at the top 10 pages for any given keyword that you input into the tool, and then it analyzes those pages to determine the latent semantic phrases that are being used and can charge in with the keyword that you’re trying to rank for. This is a very important part of content development. However, you will also need to know how step the competition is for that keyword phrase so you can make an estimate of how many back links you’ll need to build typically rank for that keyword. Now this is not the only indicator, but it is one that will help you in judging just how difficult it will be to break on that coveted first page of Google for particular keyword.

Upon discovering how many links are competition has built to be ranking on the first page of Google, you’ll be able to determine how long it is going to take you, and how many back links are good and need to build to overtake your competition. As I have mentioned in other previous content on this site, it is important when you are first starting out that you pay strong attention to this aspect. Most likely you are going to want to attack your market by finding longtail keyword phrases that have less competition. Now, there may not be as much traffic for that particular phrase, however it could be a much more higher converting keyword. Remember one of the major goals of your website is to make sales and make money from your Internet business. It’s not always about being number one for a keyword phrase that has the most traffic. An example of this, is the keyword LCD TV. You see, keywords can be informational orientated, or they could be sales orientated. What do I mean by that? When I am going to make a purchase online, typically, I start out by gathering information about the product I wish to purchase. Especially if it’s a big purchase that will involve $1000 or more, I am going to do a lot of research in reading reviews about that particular product before purchasing it. Most likely I will be comparing other models, other companies, and looking at how consumers have enjoyed using that particular product. So long before I make a decision on buying that new TV, I am going to gather information about that product. So don’t be misguided into thinking that you have to rank for those two or Q3 keyword phrases that get the most traffic. Typically those phrases are only information gathering phrases. Now don’t get me wrong, it would be great if my site was ranking for Internet marketing and I was getting tons of traffic were people would find my site about Internet businesses and Internet marketing. But it is much more important that I rank the phrase Internet business training program, or Internet marketing training courses, or Internet marketing training. That’s what this website is about. There which brings up another point about traffic. There are different types of traffic that can come to your website. The best, traffic is the traffic that is highly targeted and in which you deliver the information that they are looking for. I’m sure you have been on many websites in which you were searching using the search engines, and you land on the website and it had nothing to do with what you were searching for. Typically at that point you’re going to click on the back browser button and go back to the search results to find the information you are looking for.

So what does this all have to do with backlinking?

Back linking is a strategic part of your business that you will need to continuously pay attention to. It ties in very closely to traffic generation. Ultimately, you want to be getting as much free traffic as you can from the search engines to support your business. I do not use the word free likely here. Nothing is free including traffic. The traffic that you received from the organic search engines is the salt of you implementing time and work into building back links and content that is distributed across the web. It is essential that you have a game plan for your traffic generation and back linking techniques. All four pillars of the Internet marketing training program tied together. Traffic generation and back linking is dependent upon the market research data that you produced. Proper site structure in blueprinting is critical ranking faster and holding your rankings in the search engines. In the fourth pillar of Internet marketing is sales and conversion. Without sales and conversion all of this is for not. So each pillar builds and is dependent upon each other. I have always stated in my trainings that market research is never done. A website is never completed. You can always get more traffic. You can always and freeze your sales and conversions. It is important as you undertake this endeavor of building an Internet business that you understand what I just said. I recommend that you write that out and post it somewhere in your office or near your computer.

To wrap up this conversation about back linking, I want to encourage you to have a definitive game plan with the keywords that you wish to rank for on the search engines. You need to be selective on which keywords you are targeting and have some evidence to back up why you were going after those specific keyword phrases. Have a strong understanding of what it’s going to take Frank for that keyword based upon the competition that you are competing against. You should have a good plan of easy to rank for, mid-level keywords, and difficult keywords that you wish to rank on the search engines. Some keyword you’ll want a landing page is a very easy to rank for and you only need a few back links and some content distribution to be able to rank consistently for those keywords. The medium level keywords may take you a few months up to a year to get on the first page of Google for. By having a consistent content development plan in conjunction with a consistent back linking plan for those keywords, you will eventually reach the first page of Google. At that point you just need to maintain those rankings and pay attention to the search engines and continue to build some content and a few back links to keep those rankings and check. The difficult keywords may take you up to a year to three years rank for before you reach the first page of Google. Before you start spending all this time and effort back linking it is important to understand what that traffic wants for that particular keyword and to see if it’s worthwhile spending the time and effort to rank for that phrase. One thing is for sure, you’ll need a back linking plan and you’ll always be continuing to build back links to your website for as long as you have your Internet business.