Amazon Associate

Great Ways to Boost Your Income as an Amazon Associate

Make Money as an Amazon AssociateYou can earn a great living as an Amazon Associate fairly easily if you are ready to work hard, aren’t easily discouraged and have a good level of commitment. In the beginning, navigating the system is going to seem kind of complicated but after you’ve gotten the lay of the land you’ll find that–with the right attitude and approach, you can earn a sizable income as an Amazon Associate.

Sell More to Move Up: The Amazon Associate programs involve a lot more than simply promoting a product now and then; to earn real money you need to work consistently on increasing the amount of products that you sell so that you can reach the higher tiers of Amazon. The more products you can sell through Amazon the more you will earn in your commission percentages–that’s the way the program was built.

Increase Volume Increases Percentage as an Amazon Associate

Simply put, when you increase your volume, you will earn lots more because you’ll be earning at a higher percentage. A good way to do this is to target a niche that doesn’t have as much competition, i.e., a niche with products that do not cost as much as those associated with other markets. That’s the real reason you choose these niches–it’s easier to sell a high volume of products in them. This will allow you to reach the coming payout tiers without trouble, which obviously translates to a higher commission percentage for you. Use Amazon Tracking Codes: There are a few smart things that you can do to up your commission at Amazon, and using the Amazon Tracking Code happens to be one of these. They make it much easier to see if your work has gotten the job done and which sites are really working for you. Tracking is incredibly important, particularly if you want long term growth. Combining the Amazon Tracking Codes with Google Analytics creates an even more powerful tool to have in your arsenal. The process of tracking is easy: Amazon generates codes for you and you choose which one you want to use when you build a link. You can create up to one hundred Amazon Tracking Codes.

Amazon Associate do you need an AStore?

Don’t Bother Creating an Amazon aStore: The Amazon aStore not only looked promising but also claimed to offer a big opportunity for Amazon Associates to make their selling process more easier and achieve a higher sales volume. AStores are free and simple to integrate into most websites. Sadly, this feature of the program didn’t turn out to well, it consistently failed to live up to its hyped performance. Rather than wasting a bunch of time on something that won’t get the job done, focus on something that will like product reviews on highly targeted niche sites.

There are Amazon Associates that make a ton of money every month on autopilot, but they are able to do so because they spent a considerable amount of time creating and executing an effective strategy, which is exactly what you should be doing too. Sign up as an amazon associate today