3 Ways To Use Video Marketing To Get More Traffic And Prospects

As internet marketers realize how important video marketing can be as a promotional tool, they are increasingly relying on it to expand their businesses. To get anywhere with video marketing, however, it’s necessary to properly optimize your videos, or they won’t get the views you need to make an impact. When it comes to video marketing campaigns, optimization is the key, and many new online marketers don’t realize this when they make and upload videos. In this article we shall be looking into three simple tips that you can use right away to optimize your videos better and get targeted response.

As you may know, online viewers are terribly ADD – so keep your videos to the point and relatively short; about 2-3 minutes will work well. Granted, much depends on your market, but if you make very long videos of 15 to 30 minutes you will run into problems. Keep in mind that people on the net are extremely impatient, and they basically want the facts that will help them make a fast decision. Always speak in terms of benefits to the person watching the video, and then make it a cliff-hanger. Your video does not have to be like an action movie, but you cannot be boring in what you present.

You want people to interact with your video, and that is why it is important to enable options such as sharing, rating, and commenting on your video. It is near impossible to know what will tickle the minds of people, and your video could do that and you never know. What you will discover about people is that they tend to read what others say about a video before watching. If people see that they cannot comment or rate, then that will make them suspicious about your video.

Let’s not forget the power of social media marketing and bookmarking websites. Avoid neglecting this part of your marketing because it will help you with rankings and views. This is actually one of the first places you should start after your video is distributed to the places you want. You really should take the time to choose the main sites that are potentially worth your time. How much you do is obviously up to you, but it is worth your time and we recommend you do some of it. Video marketing, then, is a great way to promote your internet business, and if you apply the strategies discussed above, you’ll see great results from your efforts. Video marketing entails more than just distributing videos online, as you have to remember your goals of getting viewers to visit your website and buy your products. Your videos can play a major role in promoting your products and website, as long as you focus on creating quality videos that are well optimized.

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