3 Powerful Tips on Writing Worthy Subject Lines


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Email marketing is all about getting the variables right. The subject line of your email is one of these many variables. The subject line of your email can be compared to the headline of an article or book title. It makes you stand out from the rest and at the same time help your readers know what your email is about. Besides that, if your email messages are not going to be opened, there’s no use of it. This article will look at some tips for writing email subject lines that you can use to get the most benefit from your email marketing.Use your subject line to hint around at an atmosphere of scarcity to create a sense of urgency among your subscribers.

People hate missing out on a good deal and if you hint around that an offer may be expiring soon, people will click now to read your email rather than waiting or putting it off completely. Your goal with this subject line is to encourage your subscribers to take swift action. Once you establish to your audience that this is a limited time offer; clicking becomes the logical next step for them. Most of the copywriters know the value of scarcity and use it on a regular basis to create a demand in their target market. They understand that people who are on the fence can often be prodded into action now if they feel a good offer or "deal" won’t be around in the future. Keep in mind that not every email you send has to be one of urgency. If you try to do this will all your emails to subscribers it will lose effectiveness over time.


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Don’t use a lot of capital letters in the subject line. Too many capital letters in the subject line is often viewed as a sign of spam. Some email programs will automatically send these emails to spam folders. The best course of action most of the time is only to capitalize the first word of your subject line. Some marketers skip all caps in the subject line and still succeed. Many people view the use of excessive capital letters to be yelling and rude. In no way should your email subject line look or sound unprofessional. Do your best to maintain any edge you get.Try coming up with an excellent and thought provoking question that will absolutely compel your audience to open the email. Curiosity is a huge motivator and good questions often brings it out in most people. Offer the answers to the question inside and watch how effective it is to use this little bit of human nature for your benefit. This is an excellent way to improve the open rate for your email campaigns. Be sure to use an open-ended question for this to work. You want your readers to feel the need for the answer and help them understand why it’s necessary for them. This method allows you to use the same method for even better results over time.

All that remains is the knowledge that the right subject line can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the success of your campaign.