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The Internet Business Training Program is your home and best site for learning all about Internet marketing and running an online business.





 The site is designed to help you master what I call the 4 pillars of Internet marketing

  • Market Research
  • Content and Site Development
  • Traffic Generation
  • Sales and Conversions


  • Overview of Market Research:

Market research is the foundation for a successful Internet marketing business. When done properly you will be able to fully define your market and understand the needs of that market. This is much more then just keyword research and involves understanding who is buying what today and how to position yourself to be able to make money from within that market. So many people mis-understand market research and here at the Internet business training program, you will learn how to do market research effectively so you are then ready to move into the 2nd pillar of Internet marketing.

  • Overview of Content and Site Development.

The Internet runs on content. There has been a saying in the Internet marketing world for a long time that content is king. This is true and your business success is dependent upon your ability to create great content for the web. Although the content delivery systems have evolved as today we have video, podcasts, remote blogging and much more, the general idea of creating effective content remains the same. It is all based on excellent market research and being able to develop content that is going to be found and ranked in the search engines.

Site development involves understanding site structure, SEO and my favorite site development platform, wordpress. There are other tools and CMS systems available as well and there are advantages and disadvantages to them. Within the content and site development area, you will learn about creating content and also how to build a website.

  • Overview of Traffic Generation

Without traffic, nothing  you do above is going to really matter. There are literally 20 plus ways to generate traffic and within the traffic generation area of the Internet business training program, we will look at the various ways ton increase traffic to your website. Traffic generation principals are focused on 2 major areas, the actual methods to generate the traffic and building back links. Back links are the difference maker. And we are not talking about just any back links but a strategic plan to build a wide array of back links to your website to increase page rank and traffic to your site.

  • Overview of Sales and Conversions

Upon mastery the first 3 pillars of internet marketing, the 4th may be the most crucial of all. All the traffic in the world will not matter if you are not converting that traffic into leads and sales. There is much to master in this area of Internet marketing including writing great headlines, creating squeeze and landing pages, email list building, sales pages, tracking, One time offers and much more. At this stage of your Internet business you must learn to maximize your traffic and convert it into a buyer. You will learn all of the above and much more in the sales and conversions area of the Internet Business Training Program.

Mastery of the Internet Business Training Program

To run a successful Internet business you must master these 4 pillars of Internet marketing, and you also must understand that each stage is critical. Each pillar builds upon itself and if you miss the boat on one of them, your results will be less than adequate.

Much information here will be free, but there will be an advanced membership option coming soon where the training will be much more in depth and structured in a way for you to move through it systematically and as quickly as possible. Advanced training will be made available in the membership along with a full course where you will learn to master each of the 4 pillars of Internet marketing.

So welcome  you to the Internet business training program.